'Monstrosity': Roundabout question leads to fiery response

It’s enough to make even the most experienced driver a little anxious.

But can you work out the answer to this question about this “monstrosity” of a roundabout?

Queensland’s Department of Transport and Main Roads shared a picture of the roundabout with five exits on Facebook on Monday and posed a question to readers.

“The driver of the orange car plans to turn right at the roundabout to take the third exit,” it wrote.

“Do they need to indicate left when leaving the roundabout?”

A five exit roundabout is pictured.
We know what you're thinking, but it could be worse. It could have six exits. Source: Queensland Transport and Main Roads

Readers were offered options, true or false.

Many got it correct. The answer is actually true – drivers should indicate left on leaving the roundabout to show they are exiting it.

According to Queensland's road rules, you should "signal left before you exit the roundabout if it's practical to do so".

“Always indicate when you are at a roundabout going on and off so others know which way you are going,” one woman wrote.

'Sack the roundabout designer'

It seemed simple enough but many readers were more preoccupied with another aspect of the question: the design of the roundabout.

“The real answer is to sack the designer of that monstrosity to ensure nothing like it is ever built,” one man wrote.

Another man joked the orange driver should move to Europe after regretting “moving to an area with this type of roundabout”.

“Be careful, using this type of roundabout too fast summons the Devil,” another man wrote.

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