Monis' bail: DPP commits to take action

Dominica Sanda

Action will be taken to ensure the public prosecution errors which contributed to gunman Man Haron Monis' bail release before the Sydney siege never happen again, NSW's public prosecution boss says.

NSW Coroner Michael Barnes found NSW police made a mistake when they failed to arrest Monis when 37 new sex offence charges were laid two months before the fatal siege, while a prosecutor's handling of his bail matters was inadequate and wrong.

"It's important to the community and the victims and families that I commit to take action in relation to any shortcomings within my office and I will do so," Director of Public Prosecutions Lloyd Babb told Network Ten on Wednesday.

Monis was free on bail despite facing 40 serious charges for sex offences and accessory to the murder of his estranged wife when he took 18 people hostage at gunpoint in the Sydney cafe in December, 2014

In his findings, Mr Barnes said neither the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions nor police realised that some of those new offences occurred while Monis was on bail on commonwealth charges for sending offensive letters to the families of dead Australian soldiers.

Had the actions of police and prosecutors been different, Monis' chances of securing bail would have been reduced.

But, Mr Barnes noted it was difficult for states and territories to access details of commonwealth offences and recommended this be remedied.

He said oral submissions of the prosecution solicitor in December 2013 regarding the murder charges were "inadequate" and written submissions should have been made too.

However, the coroner concluded those involved in the bail matters carried no responsibility for the gunman's ultimate actions and the deaths he caused.

"He alone was to blame for the deaths," Mr Barnes wrote in his final report, released on Wednesday.