How gang member with swastika face tattoos is turning his life around

Melissa Buttigieg
News Reporter

A convicted mobster with massive Nazi tattoos on his face is trying to turn his life around by using a Facebook group with more than 100,000 followers to promote healthy eating.

Coey Rogue, a member of a notorious New Zealand street gang, claims fatherhood and a drug-free lifestyle has made him a “changed man”.

The gang member, with giant swastikas on his face, has become an advocate for healthy eating and avoiding drugs. He is trying to make positive changes in his community.

Coey and other members of the Mongrel Mob are part of the team behind the Heils Kitchen Facebook page, racking up close to 110,000 members.

Coey “The Rogue” Irwin hopes to turn his life around through spreading messages about healthy eating and avoiding drugs. Source: Three / Jono and Ben

The page describes itself as “the mightiest cooking show in the nation”, sharing videos promoting healthy cooking while also discouraging people from using methamphetamines.

“Stay away from the takeaways and cook fresh at home!! Help keep our whanauk (family) away from diabetes and obesity!” a description for the group reads.

Convicted mobster trying to make a positive change

In a recent television interview with New Zealand Today, Coey argued that the Mongrel Mob “has been doing good deeds in the community” for decades, despite some members doing bad things.

“I’ve been in and out of prison for quite some time. But it’s all changed,” he said in the interview.

“I’ve got children now, I’m just trying to help my community, help the country and eventually try to help the world.”

Coey “The Rogue” Irwin says he is working to help his community. Source: Three / Jono and Ben

Asked about his attempts to be a community role model while having giant swastika facial tattoos, he responded saying: “Every mark on my body tells a story – takes me back to a time of my life.”

“I’ve done a lot of things that I regret, and can’t take that back.”

He hoped to leave that behind while embracing a healthy lifestyle through home cooking.

“You live healthier, you live greater lives,” he said.

“The sad thing about it is it can be expensive to eat healthy, aye. It’s gonna always be 95 cents for a cheeseburger and it’s always gonna cost $2.50 for a carrot.”

Mongrel mobster Coey “The Rogue” argued the New Zealand street gang also did good deeds. Source: Instagram / cohen_irwin

Coey said he learned to cook about two to three years ago after he kicked his drug addiction.

He said he used to eat at restaurants every day, but after spending his “fortune” on smoking meth, he had to learn to cook when the money ran out.

He wanted to spread the message to others about cooking food, not drugs.

The segment also showed Coey dropping off clothing to the homeless in his community and trying to lead by example.

He hoped those critical of New Zealand’s street gangs would judge him only by what they see.

“I’m a changed man,” he said.

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