Aussie man performs reckless stunt right in front of cops

A bystander has captured the moment a police officer threatens to use a taser on a young man who was riding on top of a moving car in a busy Brisbane street.

The worrying footage was captured at around 8pm on Saturday night and shows a shirtless man standing on the roof of the vehicle as it moves slowly through traffic. He then lays down flat as the car continues to move.

The incident happened in the Brisbane suburb of Fortitude Valley on Wickham Street, Queensland Police confirmed. The video was later shared on social media. It shows the man riding topless on the car's roof before it eventually comes to a stop on the side of the busy road.

Man riding on top of moving car in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.
The man was filmed riding on top of a moving car on a busy Brisbane street. Source: Reddit

The man can be seen sitting on top of the car briefly before eventually jumping off onto the pavement. A female police officer appears in the shot and tells him to "get on the ground" repeatedly, warning he's "going to get tasered". Police were conducting patrols when the man was spotted running onto the road, they said.

The woman who filmed the incident appears to be standing on the opposite side of the road watching as the dramatic scenes unfolded. She can be heard saying "taser him" as the man attempts to stand up and walk away. But suddenly, the female officer follows him with her arm stretched out, pointing a yellow taser gun in his direction.

Man charged but not tasered

A bus drives past and blocks the vision but when it passes, the man can be seen laying on the ground, appearing to have been tasered. But Queensland police confirmed to Yahoo News Australia the "taser was presented but not deployed."

The man attempts to get up again but the officer screams at him to "lay down". She appears to call for backup as she reaches for her handcuffs.

A 23-year-old Wynnum man was charged with one count each of wilful damage, committing public nuisance and possessing dangerous drugs, police confirmed. He is due to face Brisbane Magistrates Court on November 22.

Female police officer with a yellow taser on Brisbane street.
A female police officer threatens to taser the man who was seen laying on the pavement. Source: Reddit.

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