'Who's at fault?' The moment a $265,000 Lamborghini is rear-ended

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Vision of the moment a Ford Fiesta and Lamborghini collide has been caught on camera by a passenger in a passing vehicle.

The dramatic incident was filmed in Manchester in the UK and shows traffic slowing down moments before the silver Ford rear-ends the bright aqua sports car estimated to be worth about $265,000.

A loud crunch can be heard as the two vehicles make impact.

“Ooooooh... Oh S***!” the person filming the moment can be heard saying.

A shot of a aqua Lamborghini shortly before it is rear-ended by a silver Ford Fiesta
A slow motion collision between a Ford Fiesta and a bright aqua Lamborghini has sparked debate over who should be held accountable. Source:Twitter/London & UK Crime

The Lamborghini then makes a left turn into the next street while the Ford behind comes to a halt, plumes of smoke can be seen coming from the bonnet before the video ends.

The hair-raising moment was shared on Twitter by London and UK Crime with users getting into a heated debate over who should be held accountable.

“Who is at fault?” a Twitter user asked.

“Lambo. Speeding up when he's taking a left, to all but near stop when turning. Bloke behind has no chance,” one person replied.

“If you rear-end someone it's your fault, it doesn't matter what they've done.... You were either too close to stop in due course, or had enough room but weren't paying attention,” another person argued.

Others felt both drivers had equal opportunity to avoid the collision.

“If you were to speed up then come to a near stop and someone goes in the back of you, you're part blame too to be honest. Both at fault really,” a user suggested.

A Lamborghini and a Ford collide on a London road.
The hair-raising collision between the Lamborghini and Ford was caught on camera. Source:Twitter/London & UK Crime

A few people were just focused on the unique paint job on the Lamborghini.

“Have to say that it’s a poxy choice of colour for the Lambo, or any vehicle. A few missing bits off the back can only improve it,” one car lover wrote.

While one Twitter user was just amused by the incident.

“I’m not going to lie, I could watch this all day..”

It’s not the first time an attention-grabbing Lamborghini ended up with a few dents. Earlier this year a brand new Lamborghini was obliterated after just 20 minutes on the road.

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