Moment armed robber is taken down by school mum who is an off-duty policewoman

An off-duty police officer celebrating Mother’s Day at her daughter’s school has been praised for taking down an armed man.

CCTV filmed from outside the Ferreira Master school in Brazil shows the man walking over to people, including children, before drawing a gun.

He approaches the crowd, which begins to disperse, and reaches an arm out.

But one of the women, later revealed to be an off-duty police officer, draws her gun and knocks him to the ground.

An off-duty police officer has been praised for taking down an armed man outside a school in Brazil. Source: Ferreira Master

She then stands over the man and appears to prepare to arrest him.

According to Brazilian news site Folha De S.Paulo, the man, aged 21, was shot three times by the police officer. He was later disarmed of his .38 caliber rifle and died from his injuries.

It’s not known who shot first – the police officer or the 21-year-old.

The police officer has since been identified as 42-year-old Katia de Silva Sastre, who was in the area with her seven-year-old daughter.

The off-duty police officer draws her gun and knocks the man down. Source: Ferreira Master

Police Lieutenant Andre Alves, also Ms de Silva Sastre’s husband, said his wife had worked as an officer for 20 years.

“Thankfully she was faster than him, because when the thug discovers it is a police officer, he shoots to kill,” he said.

Lt Alves added the man attempted to fire his gun twice. The first time he missed and the second attempt his weapon locked.

The officer prepares to make an arrest.. Source: Ferreira Master

Mr de Silva Sastre said her first thought turned to defending the mothers and children who were with her and she had to “end his aggression” so he wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Governor Marcio Franca has since praised the officer and gave her flowers at a ceremony honouring her.

“You did all the right service in defence of society,” Mr Franca said.

“I want to thank you for your courage.”

Police officer Katia Sastre (left) was honoured by the governor of São Paulo Marcio Franca. Source: Government of São Paulo