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Mom’s tablet rules spark controversy in TikTok comments: ‘I feel very sad for them’

This mom shared the rules she enforces regarding her kids’ tablet use and it had TikTokers debating whether she’s too strict.

Kayla (@kayla23ma) is a parent and TikToker who shares sweet parenting moments along with parenting hacks and advice. In a recent video that stirred a bit of controversy in the comments section, Kayla shared her rules for her kids’ tablet use. The rules establish when and where it’s appropriate for her kids to use their tablets, as well as for how long!

“Rules my husband and I have as far as tablets go,” Kayla says as the video begins, holding up her kids’ tablets. “Tablets are not allowed to be used with food—not at home, not in restaurants.”

Then, Kayla shares the time limits she enforces. “We limit their screen time to an hour and a half a day,” she explains. “If it shuts off, it shuts off. Too bad.”

However, Kayla explains that she does make occasional exceptions for long car rides. “Sometimes we extend the time if we’re in the car for longer,” she notes. “Once we get to our destination, tablets go off and they stay in the car.”

Next, Kayla shares that she doesn’t allow her kids to use their tablets when company is over. “If we have company over, tablets are not to be taken out. We’re not using them. We pay attention,” she explains. “If somebody is talking to them, they are to look at the person, not their tablet.”

“We do not take tablets to our in-laws, to my parents,” she goes on to explain. “Grandparents and tablets are a no. We prioritize family time and socialization, so tablets are not allowed.”

Finally, Kayla notes that she puts restrictions on the kind of content her kids can consume. “And last, they are not allowed to roam YouTube and we do have age restrictions on what they can and cannot use,” she concludes.

Many TikTokers applauded Kayla’s tablet use rules, while others argued she was too strict.

“I feel very sad for them,” one viewer wrote.

Meanwhile another complained that Kayla’s rules simply weren’t feasible. “I can’t do strict rules with electronics because I’m on mine all the time.”

But most TikTokers felt that Kayla’s rules were just right.

“I honestly wish more parents were like this,” one TikToker wrote.

“Y’all she’s not being strict, she’s just teaching them how to socialize instead of becoming addicted to their devices,” another TikToker wrote.

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