Mom is stunned her child’s teacher won’t allow chapstick in the classroom

chapstick in the classroom
realitykeck/ TikTok

Are school rules becoming a little too restricting? A mom recently posted on TikTok about a bizarre conversation she had to have with her daughter’s teacher regarding chapstick in the classroom.

Jamie Keck’s video instantly went viral because it’s a little ridiculous. She presents the situation and even shows screenshots of her back-and-forth with the fifth-grade teacher. Since when did chapstick become “medicine?” Watch the video for the full story and the hilarious facial expressions Keck makes.

It all started, Keck says, when she noticed her daughter’s “raw” lips after school one day. Her daughter, Paisley, said that her teacher wouldn’t allow her to use the chapstick she carries in her backpack.

Keck messaged the teacher and even explained that Paisley uses chapstick because she has issues with chapped lips and she’s even had an infection that stemmed from her chapped lips in the past.

The teacher’s response was to send a message straight out of the parent handbook that quotes the use of medicine on school grounds—”Medication cannot be sent to and from the school by the child.” The policy names cough drops, aspirin and a few more “medicines” but, as Keck notes, there’s nothing in there about chapstick.

Then, Keck clarifies, “So my child has to have a signed form by her pediatrician to have chapstick in her backpack?” But, no. That would be too easy! The teacher says she needs the signed form BUT she also has to leave the chapstick in the office and go there to use it.

Which, of course, sounds a little extra. Keck says, “Which means every time my child needs to apply some chapstick she’s got to go to the office to use it which is why I said it would take away from her learning having to go to the office every time she needed to apply chapstick.”

After some more back-and-forth, Keck explains that her daughter has been at this school for six years and never run into this problem with former teachers. Surprisingly, the teacher doesn’t let up and just says that she can’t change the rules. In the end Keck says, “suspend her honey” because her daughter will continue to show up with chapstick in her backpack.

Keck asks her followers for their opinion on the situation and not-so-surprisingly they all agreed with her.

“This teacher is on a power trip. We had one like this last year. You’re not wrong mama!”

“This was the most bizarre conversation. Her teacher should retire!”

“This is what they are worried about? I’m with you on this.”

So many people also posted about wanting an update on the situation and Keck posted that too. If you thought it couldn’t get worse—oh, it can.