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Mom shares adorable video of her daughter being the best big sister ever: 'This is so precious!'

Kayla Petering (@this.little.wandering) shared a video of her older daughter holding and singing to her newborn, and it’s cuteness overload!

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Petering is a parent and content creator who documents her family’s wanderlust lifestyle and adventures on the road and outdoors. Recently, the mom of four shared the most precious video of her daughter Ophelia holding and singing to her sleeping baby sister, Cecilia, and viewers can’t get enough of the wholesome content.

The Instagram clip opens with a shot of Ophelia holding Cecilia in a pink baby sling while standing in front of a window. Supported by the window’s ledge, the baby sleeps comfortably snuggled up to her big sister.

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“Hush, little baby. We love you,” the little girl quietly sings to her baby sister while gently rocking her back and forth. As if the things couldn’t get any more precious, the family cat lets out a soft “meow” before the video comes to a close.

The sisterly love between the two of them is palpable, turning this video of a simple moment into a priceless keepsake.

“This is so precious!”

The sweet clip had hearts melting all over Instagram.

“This is so precious! And I love the little cat meow at the end,” one user mentioned.

“I’m in the hospital [about] to deliver my 3rd baby girl! This is so sweet,” gushed one parent.

“There is so much beauty in this moment! You captured such an expression of love, caring, and tenderness between these sisters! May they always be this close,” expressed one commentator.

“I love how comfortable and safe the baby must feel with her big sister to be sleeping on her like that. Big sister is owning it,” one viewer complimented.

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