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Mom gently plays ‘Bop It’ using baby girl’s ‘Cabbage Patch’ cheeks

This mom came up with the perfect game before bedtime with her baby girl.

Sometimes the best way to get your little one ready for sleep is with a quick round of playtime. Hanya Ismail is a mother of one and has over 135,000 followers on TikTok. She shares what motherhood is like with her daughter Mimi.

In one viral clip, Ismail posted about her and Mimi’s bedtime routine.

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The mother and daughter sported satin bonnets while playing a game of Bop It. Except there was no toy necessary. Ismail used Mimi as her very own Bop It device.

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When the audio said “bop it,” the mom gently tapped Mimi’s head. When it said “twist it,” Ismail turned Mimi’s cheek, causing the baby to burst into a smile. When it said, “pull it,” the mom pulled the baby girl’s arms. Mimi was elated the entire time.

The playful video earned over 13 million views on TikTok. People called Mimi a real-life “Cabbage Patch doll” in the comment section.

“That is a real-life Cabbage Patch doll. So cute,” a user said.

“This is literally the cutest baby I’ve ever seen,” another wrote.

“I am having such a rough day and that little smile honestly made it all better,” someone commented.

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