Mom is disturbed when sweet 2-year-old falls in love with ‘cweepy’ zombie doll: ‘ This is terrifying’

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A two-year-old is going viral for her “cweepy” taste in baby dolls, and TikTokers are applauding her supportive mom!

When mom and TikToker Kourtni (@playtimewithparks) uploaded a video of her baby’s spooky doll, she never expected to gain millions of views and followers — but now, Kourtni and her zombie-loving little girl Parker are viral sensations!

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And while many parents might prefer their toddlers play with cuter, less undead toys, Kourtni is “trying to be a supportive parent,” as she says in her now-viral TikTok.

But “Sissy” the zombie doll isn’t Parker’s first unsettling toy! No, the ghoulish baby doll actually has an older sister named Dolly, and she’s just as spooky as her counterpart.

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And it’s not just zombie dolls that Parker adores. Undead baby lawn ornaments also stole the 2-year-old’s heart when she visited a Spirit Halloween store with her family.

But this time, mom Kourtni told Parker that they were just saying “hi” to the little zombie babies and wouldn’t be bringing them home, much to little Parker’s dismay.

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‘You have your own little Wednesday Addams!’

TikTokers from around the world have fallen in love with Parker and her obsession with all things spooky.

“You have your own little Wednesday Addams,” one user commented.

“All fun and games ’til it starts trying to take her soul,” joked another user.

“This is terrifying,” wrote one user, a chain of laugh-crying emojis in tow.

But for many TikTokers, Parker’s love for her zombie baby dolls isn’t just funny; it’s touching, too.

“There’s something to be learned about not judging people on appearances here. She loves her doll no matter what it looks like!” one user shared.

“She’s got a big ole heart and a sweet soul,” another user wrote.

And for other TikTokers, it’s mom Kourtni’s nonjudgemental support for her baby’s choices that touched their hearts.

“This is adorable! I love that you supported her choice in dolls,” one user commented.

Parker and her little zombie babies prove that children are truly incapable of prejudice and that every child comes into this world innocent and full of love to give.

We could all learn something from the touchingly spooky saga of Sissy and Dolly.

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