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Mom demonstrates how deaf parents know when their baby is crying

Cheyenna Clearbrook (@cheyennaclearbrookxo), a deaf mom, influencer and cast member of the Netflix series Deaf U, aims to spread awareness and educate others about the realities that deaf parents face on her various social media platforms.

One of her recent TikToks answers a common question: How do deaf parents know when their baby is crying?

Clearbrook says she uses a special hearing device every night she’s come to swear by.

“This is the receiver,” Clearbrook signs while holding up part of the device. “It connects with vibration and another device.”

When her baby cries, the device sends a signal to the sensor, which gets transmitted to the receiver. This triggers three loud beeps, followed by heavy vibrations and a flashing light to get the mother’s attention.

So far, it’s worked like a charm.

During the daytime, Clearbrook relies on another important device that many other parents have: A baby monitor. Instead of a basic model, she has a VTech Baby Monitor with all the bells and whistles.

“It comes with a camera which is set up in the baby’s bedroom,” Clearbrook explains in her video text. “I LOVE THIS ONE. I use it [at] ALL TIMES.”

In addition to the video monitor, which displays the inside of the baby’s crib, the monitor also recognizes when the baby is moving or making noise. This shows up on the screen along with lights that notify her there’s been a change. Different colors are also displayed, depending on the intensity of her baby’s cries.

A lot of commenters found this fascinating.

“I actually never thought of how you would know your baby is crying when you are deaf,” one person admitted. “thank you for this! Super interesting and awesome.”

“Sometimes I think the world we live in isn’t great,” another person added. “And then I see this and I’m so happy with this place.”

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