Moldova's five pro-Russian parties head to Moscow to establish new anti-EU political bloc


Leaders of Moldova's pro-Russian opposition trekked to Moscow on April 21 to establish a new anti-European political bloc, Bloomberg reported.

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The newly formed bloc, named "Victory," is associated with fugitive Moldovan oligarch Ilan Shor and aims to confront President Maia Sandu's pro-European government in the upcoming elections, to be held before Summer 2025.

The bloc aims to prevent Moldova's integration into the European Union.

Shor was convicted for 15 years in Moldova for his involvement in a major financial scandal involving the embezzlement of $1 billion from the country's banking system.

He now lives in Israel, where he was born, and frequently visits Moscow.

Moldovan authorities have requested his extradition through Interpol.

Moldovan officials have expressed concern, stating that 'Victory' will be Moscow's main tool to destabilize the country.

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"A whole country saw the traitors of the country in Moscow,” Infrastructure & Regional Development Minister, and member of the ruling PAS party, Andrey Spinu, said on Facebook.

“They were created in Moscow, near the Kremlin, to make it clear who they work for and who they serve."

The two parties associated with Shor—Chances and Renaissance—have 11.7% support in Moldova, a Chisinau public opinion poll reported.

The other two parties that form 'Victory' were too small to be included in the survey, while the fifth, the Shor party, was declared unconstitutional.

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