Modest fee increases tipped for SA budget

·1-min read

A range of fees and charges will increase in the South Australian budget but the state government says hikes will be well under half the inflation rate.

Treasurer Stephen Mullighan will hand down his first budget in June after Labor's March election win.

It will include fee increases of about two per cent for 2022/23, compared to the current inflation rate of 4.7 per cent.

Among the rises, car registrations will increase by between $3 and $6, while the cost of a five-year driver's licence will rise by $5.

"South Australians are doing it tough with cost-of-living pressures and it will be a relief to many that increases in government fees and charges are being kept well below inflation," Mr Mullighan said.

"The government is acutely aware of current cost of living pressures and will continue to ensure South Australians are protected from any unnecessary increases."

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