FIRST ON 7: Mobile speed camera operators caught fudging the rules beside NSW roads

Lee Jeloscek

FIRST ON 7: Mobile speed cameras in NSW have been caught out obscuring their obligations – hiding warning signs when they should be on full display.

A number of mobile speed camera drivers have been snapped with their signs hidden when the rules state they should be in full view to warn drivers to slow down.

The camera signs should be un full display as warning to slow down. Not all of them are. Source: 7 News

"The use of overt enforcement ensures all motorists see and recognise the enforcement activity," the RMS website states about the two signs to be displayed.

The opposition has written to the government with a request for review, while roads spokesman Jodi McKay has questioned the programs transparency.

"I think that everything about this program is occurring in secrecy," she said.

"It's a $22m program. We have a road toll that is increasing and we obviously have issues with the way this program is operating."

Roads Minister Duncan Gay brushed aside the criticism, saying, "whether it's accidental or what, it's careless to say the least".

News break – November 24