'Gobsmacked': Newsagent's mistake leads to $4.8m lotto win for Adelaide woman

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A woman from South Australia has won $4.8 million in the Set for Life lotto after a newsagent misheard what she asked for.

The woman from Port Adelaide won division one in the Set for Life lottery game, which is a prize of $4.8 million, paid in monthly instalments of $20,000.

The woman usually only buys two games for the draw, but bought an extra game by mistake.

"I usually buy a standard two-game entry, but when I purchased this ticket, the guy didn’t hear me correctly, and he gave me three games instead," she said.

“The third game is the one that won this prize for me, so it feels like it was meant to be! It wouldn’t have happened otherwise."

Pictured is a set for life lotto ticket in a suitcase
A Port Adelaide woman won $4.8 million in the lotto by "accident". Source: The Lott

When the woman checked her lottery ticket early this morning, she couldn't believe her luck, telling The Lott she was "gobsmacked".

“It was early in the morning when I checked this ticket, so it was very dark still. I’d made my coffee, gone outside to sit on the veranda and listen to the birds, and then I checked my ticket," she said.

“Because it was so dark, I wasn’t sure if I saw things wrong when I checked the ticket. I probably checked it 10 times before I started to believe it was true. It was spooky!"

The woman purchased her ticket at Plympton Newsagency and she plans on giving back to the staff there.

"I’m going to go down to the newsagency and give the staff something to say thanks for helping me win division one," she said.

The woman plans on giving something to the staff at the newsagency to say thanks following her Set for Life win. Source: The Lott
The woman plans on giving something to the staff at the newsagency to say thanks following her Set for Life win. Source: The Lott

“I’m going to use this prize to renovate my house completely. It’ll feel like a new home when It’s done! I’d love to get an interior designer in to make it special.

“Then I’d like to use the rest to help people – my family, friends and charities that mean something to me. I believe you need to give back, so that’s at the top of the list."

A beach holiday may also be on the cards, so the Port Adelaide woman can take a few months off to relax. She will be calling her best friend so the two could celebrate on Friday.

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