Missing Cairns man found alive

Michael Coombes

A Cairns man who went messing in a croc-infested area two weeks ago, and was feared dead, has been found alive.

It’s still unclear what happened to Garry Amey who was found yesterday sunburnt and dehydrated.

In an exclusive interview with 7 News, his relieved son has revealed his dad is disoriented but remarkably well.

Garry Amey loves to walk, and it was this passion his family and police feared had cost the 60-year-old his life when he vanished 14 days ago.

Garry Amey was found 20 kilometres from home. Photo: 7 News

“It was a shock,” his son Justin Amey said.

Incredibly, the father of two was found yesterday afternoon, sunburnt, dehydrated and disoriented.

“He’s disoriented, he doesn’t recognise us at the moment due to all the dehydration ... the confusion with what’s going on,” Justin said.

Mr Amey left his Kewarra Beach home on foot a fortnight ago.

He was last seen near known crocodile habitat at Taylor Point around the northern headland of Trinity Beach.

Emergency services crews spent 10 days looking for Mr Amey before calling off the search just four days ago.

Police believed there was little chance he was alive and had most likely perished in the water.

But yesterday the avid trekker was found at Wangetti Beach, 20 kilometres from his home.

Police called off search efforts four days before the missing father was found. Photo: 7 News

“I heard some people found him at Wangetti Beach in the water … he was pulled out and then they call an ambulance,” Justin Amey told 7 News.

Garry Amey is now being treated at Cairns Base Hospital for sunburn and dehydration.

Police are waiting to talk with Mr Amey in the hope of finding out what happened.

“Hopefully when everything is normal … he can tell us what happened,” his son said.

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