Missing boy leaves crushing note before running away after argument with parents

A schoolboy in the US left a crushing note to his parents after disappearing from home with his savings six days ago.

Thomas Kolding, 15, was last seen at his Mountain Lakes home in New Jersey on October 30 after an argument with his father about his grades in school.

“The argument about his grades may have been the trigger. I was trying to motivate him and get him to live up to his potential,” his father, Nicolai Kolding, told the Morristown Daily Record.

Officials believe Thomas ran away from home, leaving on his bicycle with around US$1000 ($1386) of his savings and without his mobile phone.

Thomas Kolding was last seen on October 30. Source: New Jersey State Police

Left in his room was a handwritten note which informed his parents that he didn’t want to be found.

Mountain Lakes Police, working alongside Morris County Prosecutor’s Office, believe Thomas rode his bicycle to Denville train station, where he boarded a train to Newark. CCTV footage of Thomas at Broad Street station on October 30 has been obtained.

Police then believe he caught a train to New York’s Penn Station, however are yet to identify him on CCTV footage.

Mr Kolding said his son is an avid traveller after he was encouraged to be independent from an early age.

The 15-year-old made off with around $1000 he’d managed to save working part time jobs. Source: Aleksandra Kolding

Earlier this year, the family allowed Thomas to return from Norway to the US by himself.

“He’s a wonderful, amazing kid, and we want him home. He’s never been any trouble, and we’re so impressed and in awe of him and his ambition,” Mr Kolding said.

Police currently have no leads and searches for Thomas are “merely exhausting all investigative options”, police revealed.

His mother, Aleksandra Kolding, has pleaded on Facebook for help locating their son.

“He is a wonderful, resourceful, and far-too-adventurous young man who we are worried about beyond words,” she wrote online.

“Please keep spreading the word and tell all to look for a very LARGE BLACK BACKPACK he has on him – I think that’s the telltale sign for those that don’t recognise him,” she added.