'We miss you' - Van Dijk delivers message to Liverpool fans amid coronavirus crisis

Virgil van Dijk says Liverpool’s players are missing the fans and the buzz of a matchday – but that people’s health is the most important thing.

Liverpool’s last game before the coronavirus pandemic halted European football was the 3-2 Champions League defeat to Atletico Madrid on March 11.

Action is unlikely to resume in the immediate future, and matches with fans look set to be a long way off – but the Dutch defender passed on a message to the Anfield faithful through the club’s official website.

“First of all, stay safe. Stay home,” Van Dijk said.

“Do the right things, wash your hands and do all the things the government is saying, which you have heard probably every second of the day – but do it because it helps everyone.

“It helps you but it helps everyone around you as well.

“The second thing is that we miss you guys as well, we miss being out there, we miss working hard every day and trying to get better and show our qualities to all of you.

“Just stay put, wait and see, that’s the only thing we can all do anyway.

“The most important thing is to stay safe and look after yourself, your family and the people that are close to you.”

Virgil Van Dijk Jordan Henderson Liverpool 2020

With Liverpool fans still desperate to get their hands on a Premier League trophy which still sits just two wins away, the squad are doing their best to remain in fighting shape in isolation.

“We try to get into that kind of rhythm,” Van Dijk explained.

“The fitness department tried to set up some sessions that we can all do together through video call and I think that’s a good idea, to stick together again and see each other – see all of each other again.

“Apart from that you just do your running and try to do at least something every day.

“Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we do a harder session to give your body what it needs because it can go quickly if you don’t do anything for quite a while.

“You have to be smart and you have to do the right things to keep your body on a certain level that you can kick on when it starts again.”