Minivan carrying more than a dozen puppies crashes in Connecticut. Most are OK

WOODSTOCK, Conn. (AP) — A minivan carrying 14 puppies hit a utility pole and rolled over in Connecticut on Thursday morning, injuring several dogs, authorities said.

Dogs of several breeds were in crates in the back of the minivan when it crashed at about 6 a.m. in Woodstock, a rural town that borders Massachusetts, fire officials said. Electrical wires fell onto the van, but did not cause any injuries.

The driver was not seriously hurt, but several of the puppies were examined by a veterinarian. Fire officials said one puppy had to be euthanized, and several were taken to an emergency veterinarian center in Massachusetts. Most of the puppies were brought to a local animal shelter.

The cause of the accident was under investigation.

Fire Chief Eric Young said the minivan driver was transporting the puppies from a West Virginia animal rescue to new homes in the region.

“The driver was obviously shaken up by the accident,” Young said. “He was beating himself up about it.”

Young said after the driver told firefighters there were puppies in the back, some of the first responders were leery about checking on them because they didn't want to see any dogs hurt. He said some of the crates were banged up, but most of the puppies seemed OK.

Officials said the puppies will continue on to their new homes after being examined.