Minister 'gobsmacked' as accused man flees


A man on bail has absconded after attending the Danny Green-Anthony Mundine prize fight in a case that has gobsmacked the South Australian police minister.

Jason Edwin Brady was under electronic monitoring and strict reporting conditions after being charged with of aggravated assault and affray.

He was initially refused permission by correctional services to attend the bout at Adelaide Oval on February 4.

But Brady then successfully asked the District Court to vary his bail, a decision the minister says raises legitimate questions.

"I've got to say I find that gobsmacking," Police Minister Peter Malinauskas told ABC radio on Thursday.

The minister said Brady, 23, was given the leave to attend the fight on the condition that he return to his home by 1am.

"The individual did not do that. It appears as though he cut off his ankle bracelet and is now at large and police are naturally pursuing him," Mr Malinauskas said.

At the time he fled, Brady was in the middle of a District Court trial and the minister described the allegations against him as serious.

"That is exactly why legitimate questions can be asked of the court as to why they permitted him to go to a boxing match, of all things," he said.