A Minister Has Criticised Rishi Sunak's Handling Of The Tory Betting Scandal

Rishi Sunak holds a campaign event in London last night
Rishi Sunak holds a campaign event in London last night Dan Kitwood via Getty Images

A government minister has criticised Rishi Sunak’s handling of the Tory betting scandal.

Steve Baker said the PM should have hauled in those involved and suspended anyone who admitted putting money on the date of the election shortly before it was announced.

Two Conservative candidates, the party’s campaigns director and its chief data officer are all being investigated by the Gambling Commission.

Sunak has resisted calls for the candidates to be suspended, even though one of them - his parliamentary aide Craig Williams - has admitted it.

Asked on ITV’s Peston show last night how he would have handled it, Northern Ireland minister, Baker said: “If the allegations are true they certainly should be suspended.”

He added: “If they placed bets, it is disreputable. I would call them up and ask them ‘did you do it’. If they did it, they’d be suspended.

“But the prime minister will have to answer why he hasn’t done it. I haven’t got inside information on why the prime minister hasn’t done it.”