The secret feature hiding in your washing machine

Tom Flanagan
News Reporter

It may be a brand that features in millions of homes but it appears many owners of this washing machine are oblivious to a bizarre feature installed.

A perplexed owner of a Fisher and Paykel washing machine in New Zealand took to Reddit earlier this month to share a video of his machine playing the national anthem.

Unsurprisingly, dozens of users were bowled over by the unique feature hidden among the machine’s programming.

My mind is blown,” one person wrote.

“A patriotic washing machine. Now I’ve seen everything,” another said.

“We’ve done this at work. Was the weirdest moment five tradies staring at the washing machine in silence,” one bemused worker wrote.

“Let’s just have washing machines lead our anthems at major sporting events from now on,” another suggested.

Remarkably Fisher and Paykel washing machines can play the Australian national anthem. Source: Yahoo7

While the video shared showed the machine playing the Kiwi national anthem through a series of beeps and flashing lights, one user pointed out that a different combination of buttons would allow users to change to different anthems.

Depending on where the top loader machine is distributed, the machine will play a selection of anthems including those from Australia, Canada, US and the UK.

Fisher and Paykel confirmed to Yahoo7 News that by pressing the power button along with the right button before pressing up on the water temperature, the national anthem will play.

To flick through different anthems, users must hold down up on the water level after the first step, hearing a beep when it has changed.

“Originally the function was programmed into our washing machines for demonstration purposes out on showroom floors,”  Senior Corporate Communications Specialist Andrew Luxmoore said.

A clip of a washing machine in action received 1,500 upvotes on Reddit. Source: Reddit

“As the years have passed we’ve no longer used the anthem in showrooms, but the function has always remained programmed in as a little Easter egg for those who care to seek it out.”

Mr Luxmoore said the feature had been installed on machines for years and was “a nod to [Fisher and Paykel’s] proud kiwi heritage.”

He said Australia’s anthem was also installed on most machines because of the company’s “strong legacy brand” in the neighbouring country.

“The product development team always gets a bit of a kick when it pops back up on social media and a new generation discovers the function,” he said.

Mr Luxmoore also advised that to return the machine back to wash mode after trying it out, owners must turn the machine off and on again at the power supply.

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