Millions face hunger as Myanmar crisis worsens: U.N.

Up to 3.4 million more people in Myanmar will struggle to afford food in the next three to six months, the United Nations said on Thursday (April 22).

The country has plunged into political turmoil after the army seized power from the democratically elected civilian government on February 1.

With added economic pressure from the global health crisis, Myanmar is battling a deepening financial crisis.

The World Food Program said market prices of rice and cooking oil had risen by 5% and 18% respectively since the end of February.

There are signs that families in the commercial capital Yangon were skipping meals and eating less nutritious food.

The World Bank forecasts Myanmar's GDP to contract 10% in 2021.

The agency's analysis shows that urban areas will be worst affected as job losses are mounting across manufacturing, construction and services.

The World Food Program plans to expand its operations to help 3.3 million people, tripling the number of people it helps.

It is appealing for $106 million to achieve this goal.