Millionaire leaves partner of 42 years nothing in will

A millionaire landowner has died and left nothing in his will to his partner of 42 years.

Wynford Hodge, who owned Parsonage Farm and Caravan Park near Amroth in Wales, died after a lengthy battle with prostate cancer in 2017, leaving behind more than $2,700,000 in funds and assets.

But despite spending four decades together and becoming Mr Hodge’s main carer when his health deteriorated, Jane Thompson, 79, was left with nothing.

The 92-year-old made it clear that he did not want her or her children to inherit any of his money.

Wynford Hodge owned Parsonage Farm and Caravan Park in Wales. Source: Google Maps

The High Court heard that Mr Hodge had made ten wills before his death.

In his final will, he left all of his wealth to his tenants, Karla Evans and Agon Berisha, who worked at his properties.

He said Ms Thompson was “financially comfortable” and didn’t need any of his money.

But Judge Milwyn Jarman pointed out that his long-term partner had only been left with savings of about $4,500.

The judge ruled that Mr Hodge failed to meet his responsibilities to his partner and awarded Ms Thompson a cottage on the estate worth $410,000.

Ms Thompson will also receive almost $346,000 to pay for the renovation of the cottage and to give her financial security.

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