Millennials Are Sharing The Things That Make Them Feel Very, Very Old, And If You're One, This Is Going To Be Very Relatable

Let's face it, millennials we're officially old now. In fact, now Gen Z is starting to be blamed for everything — so we're free to eat our avocado toast in peace.

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And few weeks ago, Reddit user u/MoGifMike spoke about those moments of "OMG, I’m getting older" before asking: "Wanted to know if other millennials felt this at times?"

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The thread got LOTS of responses from millennials who are feeling every bit of their age. Below are some of the top and best responses:

1."I see younger people in their 20s, and think they are about my age, then I realize I’m old as s**t."


2."New kids come in to work for the summer and every year I think, Finally, someone my age I can talk to (I'm the only one under 50 in my department). Then I realize I'm older than some of their dads."


3."I saw a couple yesterday at least 10 years younger than me with a kid…that was a trip."


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4."It's weird, man. I had a knee surgery. And young people at work ask me for advice."


5."One of my 8th graders actually said to me last week, 'Miss, you were born in the 1900s.'"


6."My sense of time is completely distorted. Recently, I mistook something that happened in 2005 as being 'within the last 10 years.'"



7."Recently I just had the realization that everyone I'm working with is like 5–10 years younger than I am and thought to myself, Am I the old dude at work now? Lmao."


8."I made a reference about the 1994 movie Interview with the Vampire and none of my colleagues knew what I was talking about :D They were 'we were born after that year, that is old!!!'"


9."I'm 37 and I hate everything. I'm already a grumpy old man."


  Adam Larkey / Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images
Adam Larkey / Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

10."Every time I hear a new Gen Z slang term or hear that skinny jeans are an old people thing I’m like, 'What???' Also, a kid in his early 20s called me 'ma'am' the other day and I felt so internally offended, lol!"


11."Staying up until 10 p.m. feels like a full night of alcohol and party."


12."I'm 43, and some friends have started dying off. Accidents. Illness. Cancer. It's crazy to me that it feels like yesterday that I was just 21, and living on my own."


13."I made an Office Space joke at work while waiting for the other side to answer the conference call. The guy in his late 40s laughed. The three people in their mid-20s stared blankly."


  20th Century Fox Film Corp/ Everett Collection
20th Century Fox Film Corp/ Everett Collection

14."Watching people you love age or even seeing celebrities age is another thing that trips you out at times. When I saw Ben Stiller's full head of grey hair, made me go, 'Holy moly!' The image of 'Blue Steel' is forever cemented in my head!"


15."My feet hurt."


16."I'm 30, and I teach 7th graders. It's weird watching the next generation come up. I watch them and I guess we weren't too different from them. But it's funny because they all think I'm from the Jurassic age, basically. I always think of that quote from The Simpsons: 'I used to be with it. Then they changed what it was.' Every generation goes through this. We're not the first or the last."


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17."One of the twentysomething's at my work pulled me (34F) in the office and said she needed an adult's advice. I was like, 'Oh, OK, where is the adult?' Then I realized it was me and that's the first time I felt old. 😂"


18."When I'm reminded that the '90s wasn't 'a few' years ago."


19."I'm seeing myself become more like my dad every day, and it trips me out. Like the mannerisms, the things I say and do. All the stuff I remember watching and helping with like lawn care, garage, etc. Now I act like that unintentionally with my son, and it's just a weird feeling."


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20."I referenced a song from 1995 to a coworker. It's a very common song that I thought most people knew. Then she reminded me she was born in 1996."


21."I pulled a muscle when sneezing today."


22."I’m 35, and struggling with this very much too. I think it started with reboots of some of my favorite old shows. Seeing older versions of Carrie Bradshaw and Dexter Morgan is surreal. My childhood/lifelong crush Taylor Hanson looks like a grandpa, and I loved him when he was like 14, when he sang, 'MMMBop.'"


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Craig Blankenhorn/ Warner Bros. Discovery

23."Xennial here. It starts getting weird in your 30s. The weirdness increases as you get older. I find myself having more in common with people in their early 50s than people in their early 20s, and man is that a disorienting realization."


24."It's wild when I see 'this song was released 20 years ago' and things like that...and it literally blows my mind!"


25.And lastly: "I'm a younger millennial and not 30 yet...but I think a bit part of this feeling is realizing 30 isn't as old as we all thought it was. As a kid, I thought it was ancient and now... I have no idea what being 30 means (or what it's supposed to look like)."


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You can read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.