Miley Cyrus' Brother, Trace Cyrus Found Himself In Hot Water After Bashing Women On OnlyFans

Miley Cyrus’ brother is receiving a lot of backlash for his comments about OnlyFans creators and sex workers.

miley and her brother
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And, if you just learned that Miley had a brother, that’s fair. She actually has three brothers and two sisters.

Miley, 30, her brother Braison, 29, and sister Noah, 23, share the same parents, Tish Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus. Billy Ray had another son named Christopher Cody from a previous relationship, and Tish had Trace, 34, and Brandi, 36, from a prior relationship.

miley with her parents and siblings at a media event

Not pictured: Christopher and Trace.

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As a millennial, I didn’t even recognize Trace at first, and that's because I’m used to this:

Trace with an emo look
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Or perhaps, this:

trace on stage with long straight hair and facial piercings
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And not necessarily this:

Trace is famously known for being half of the band Metro Station, who gave us the song “Shake It” during the peak 2000's era of emo kids on Myspace. Or, for reality TV fans like myself — a transition song of The Hills, Season 4, Episode 9, “If She Never Met Spencer,” when Heidi Montag randomly sent Lauren Conrad an awkward apology letter.

lauren giving the letter to whitney to read as well

Note: I take full responsibility for my gross specificity of 2000's pop culture.


Well, now big brother Trace chose not to “shake, shake, shake” off the drama and instead aired a series of controversial opinions about women who use OnlyFans — and people are really upset.

trace with his band on stage
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In an Aug. 30 tweet, Trace wrote, “There’s so many girls that do Only Fans that have lost their chance of ever settling down with a good guy with morals.”

According to Trace, the “good guys with morals” have standards. The attention women on OnlyFans receive is just from guys who are “desperate losers” who pay to see sexual content.

“A lot of successful guys will sleep with those girls, but they don’t want to wife them,” he continued.

Trace included that he does know “amazing girls” that do OnlyFans that are genuinely good people but believes the “independent mindset of not needing a man is extremely toxic and leads to a very lonely future.”

He finished his thought by urging more girls to continue to talk about it so others would be aware of the supposed risks he stated. “Having a good man and a family will bring you more happiness in old age than OF ever could.”

  Gabe Ginsberg / Getty Images
Gabe Ginsberg / Getty Images

Of course, his opinion didn’t go over well with the general public, and he was met with lots of criticism.

Farrah Abraham, an alum of MTV’s Teen Mom franchise and an adult content creator, fired back by calling out Trace for ignoring men who also create content on OnlyFans. “Yet men have OF accounts with marriage, family, etc. So can [a] woman. Balance and brand is real. Forget limited, insecure mindsets @tracecyrus.”

  Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images for Debbie Durkin's ECOLUXE Lounge, @farrahabraham / Via Instagram: @farrahabraham

And that's just a taste of the backlash Trace received for his comments. Here’s what others are saying:

There’s a lot of female sex workers married with families, businesses, educations, homes etc. Some are married to sex workers and some are married to non-sex workers. We are valuable humans. Stop devaluing our existence with your platform.

— SybilStallone™️ (@SybilStalloneTV) August 31, 2023

Twitter: @SybilStalloneTV

a great opinion coming from a man who sang the lyrics “we’re on the bed but your clothes are laying right there” and “I was thinking of ways to get you to stay the night.” is women’s sexual expression only okay if it’s free?

— Victoria (@SendToVi) August 31, 2023

Twitter: @SendToVi

oh no a future without a man … so lonely .. whatever will I do … hm if only there were a gender I was attracted to with less chance of judging me based on what I have had to do to survive 🤔

— gutter slut (@slutty_username) August 31, 2023

Twitter: @slutty_username

This is the most cringiest shit I’ve seen all week 🤣🤣 coming from a married woman who does mainstream porn and OF!

— Rosalyn Sphinx (@RosalynSphinx) August 30, 2023

Twitter: @RosalynSphinx

I don’t think you need to speak on sw’rs. Stop making assumptions. 90% of my friends in the industry are happily married or in a relationship. Sex work is work. Hard work at that. Stop worrying about everyone else’s choices that has nothing to do with you. We are happy.

— 𝕯𝖊𝖛𝖎𝖑’𝖘 𝕯𝖆𝖗𝖑𝖎𝖓’ DAHLIA (@DvonKnightXXX) August 30, 2023

Twitter: @DvonKnightXXX

Trace, I want to respond in a matured adult way kind of conversation.I don’t think you understand that the point you have made is sexist because you are generalizing women using only fans to not be able to settle down with guys who has morals.

— mj (@btchycyrs) August 31, 2023

Twitter: @btchycyrs

I love how this man doesn't even acknowledge that not everyone wants to be with men, or have children, in the first place. Queer people, and other family structures and relationship dynamics exist and are valid, it really costs you absolutely nothing to be inclusive.

— 🍭LewdLollipop🍭 (@LewdLollipop) August 31, 2023

Twitter: @LewdLollipop

Kind of weird vibes that he can commodify his body for attention or engagement or clicks or whatever motivates him to do it but when women choose to commodify theirs it’s an issue of morals? Affects their worth as a partner? Misogyny is a four letter word, sunshine.

— Georgia ♡ (@ohgoshga) August 31, 2023

Twitter: @ohgoshga

Trace responded to the online criticism, saying the only reason people were offended by his statements is because they're valid. "If there wasn't truth to my statement nobody would care," he wrote. "I triggered everyone who already knows this but try's [sic] to ignore it. My message was extremely positive and great advice. Your [sic] welcome."

Only reason people are so offended on here from my post today is because it’s true. If there wasn’t truth to my statement nobody would care. I triggered everyone who already knows this but try’s to ignore it. My message was extremely positive and great advice. Your welcome.

— Trace Cyrus (@TraceCyrus) August 31, 2023

Twitter: @TraceCyrus

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