Mike Myers responds to claim radio presenter was once fired for looking at him on film set

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Mike Myers has responded to claims that a crew member was fired from one of his films because they looked him in the eye.

Last week, radio presenter Jay Brody alleged on social media that he had been working in security on the set of 2008 comedy The Love Guru.

Brody claimed that he was warned that “if you look at him, you’re going to get fired”, and was later fired after he “caught his eye for a second”.

In a statement to Entertainment Weekly, Myers’ representatives said that the Austin Powers star was unaware of the alleged incident.

“Mike knows nothing about this,” they said. “Not aware of anyone being hired or fired.”

Brody initially shared his claims in response to a viral video that showed Keanu Reeves moving production equipment while on the set of John Wick: Chapter 4.

“People saying that ‘he shouldn’t be praised for helping’ have no idea what it’s like working in film,” Brody tweeted. “Mike Myers had me fired off the set of The Love Guru because I made eye contact with him, and I was there as his bodyguard… give Keanu his roses.”

Expanding on his claims on his Sonic Radio show, Brody recalled getting the offer to work in film security guarding Myers’ trailer on The Love Guru.

“Sounds easy enough, I’ve done this before,” the Vancouver-based DJ remembered. “They’re like, ‘Here’s the catch, can’t look at him.’ I’m like, ‘I need to look at him to see him to be his bodyguard.’ They’re like, ‘If you look at him, you’re going to get fired.’

“I’m sitting on the set, first day, first hour, we don’t know what he looks like yet. And I just see a man approaching in a long wig, a fake beard, and I’m like, I think that’s Mike Myers.”

Brody continued: “I look down to not look at him because I don’t want to get fired, but I realised I can’t just let anyone into the trailer, so I look up, I catch his eye for a second, I give him a nod to let him know I’m cool, and I look away. Within an hour I get a phone call letting me know that I’m fired and I have to get off set because I broke this weird rule.”

The Love Guru co-starred Justin Timberlake and Jessica Alba and was one of Myers’ biggest flops, being panned by both audiences and reviewers. It was named Worst Picture at the 2009 Golden Raspberry Awards.