Aussie influencer's extreme underboob dress goes viral

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An Aussie influencer, known for breaking down in tears when Instagram first removed ‘likes’, has again gone viral for leaving very little to the imagination in likely the most ‘extreme’ underboob look we’ve seen in a while.

Mikaela Testa took to social media on the weekend to share videos and photos of a ‘family night’ out with her boyfriend, and her revealing outfit got plenty of reactions.

Mikaela Testa underboob dress
The outfit left very little to the imagination. Photo: Instagram/Mikaela Testa

“Please tell me where I can buy that dress,” one fan asked, before Mikaela revealed it was a $130 outfit from online store I.AM.GIA.

But in another clip shared on Tik Tok, the 20-year-old seemed to be struggling to contain her assets, seen holding her hand in front of her chest.

“Are you not comfortable in your dress? Why do you keep trying to cover with your hands?” one person asked in the comments section.

Though Mikaela responded that she was simply covering the outfit as it was too racy and she didn’t want the video to “get deleted” from the platform.


Back in August, the influencer, who is known for sharing racy content online, revealed her account had been deleted from Tik Tok due to “multiple community guideline violations”.

Though she claimed she hadn’t done anything wrong and was being pinged by the “automatic scanner”.

Mikaela Testa racy photos
The influencer is known for posting racy content online. Photo: Instagram/Mikaela Testa

As a result, she’s set up a new account but is also a regular poster on X-rated adult site Only Fans, recently revealing she’s earned “millions in USD” since joining the platform 12 months ago.

Mikaela first made headlines when she broke down over Instagram’s decision to hide likes on Instagram back in July 2019.

She was dubbed the ‘crying influencer’ at the time and was criticised for her rant claiming influencers were “suffering” because of the changes to the social media platform.

It’s no surprise many insisted she simply needed to “get a real job”.

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