Classmates' incredible gesture for boy, 5, being adopted by 'forever parents'

A five-year-old boy’s entire class showed up to his adoption hearing for support, waving hearts stuck to wooden sticks.

The whole class sat behind Michael Orlando Clark Jr and his adoptive parents at the Kent County Court House on what his teacher, Kerry McKee, knew was going to be a special day for him, according to CNN.

Michael had been living with his foster parents for more than a year and Ms McKee knew the adoption would be finalised soon, so she proposed the class attending the hearing to Michael’s adoptive mother.

Michael Orlando Clark Jr's (right) entire class (left) came to support him when his adoption was finalised. Source: Kent County, Michigan/Facebook.

David Eaton and Andrea Melvin were identified as Michael’s adoptive parents by USA Today and the county told the publication they celebrate Adoption Day in December, so Santa and his elves can also be invited.

"We began the school year as a family," Michael's teacher said, according to ABC13.

"Family doesn't have to be DNA because family is support and love."

Michael’s adoptive father told CNN the judge asked the class what their peer meant to each one of them, and many of them said “I love Michael” or said Michael was their “best friend”.

Michael stands with his adoptive parents, David Eaton and Andrew Melvin, and the judges at his adoption hearing. Source: Kent County, Michigan/Facebook.

“It is ordered, Michael, that your forever mum and dad will be David Andrew Eaton and Andrea Louise Melvin,” the judge announced before allowing Michael and his “forever parents” to bang the gavel.

“Sometimes their journeys have been very long, they've included miracle and change for the children and family and incredible community support as you're able to see today in Michael's adoption hearing,” Honourable Judge Patricia Gardner told ABC13.

“His whole kindergarten class and school being here to say 'we love you' and 'we support you' and 'we'll be here not only today but in all the years in the future’.”

Following the attention the story got, Michigan’s Kent County made a touching tribute on Facebook.

The class spoke at his adoption hearing, saying Michael was their 'best friend' and that they loved him. Source: Kent County, Michigan/Facebook

“Perhaps the interest in Michael's story proves that the things that unite us are far more important to us than the things that divide us,” the post read.

“We learned this lesson from a five-year-old who never endeavoured to teach. He simply let us witness love, effortlessly.”

According to the Kent County Facebook page, 37 children were adopted on Thursday’s ‘Adoption Day’.

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