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Michael Cohen Says Trump Looked Like a ‘Defeated Man’ in Courtroom

Mike Segar/Reuters
Mike Segar/Reuters

After a dramatic day in Donald Trump’s New York civil fraud trial, which saw the former president storm out after being fined $10,000, his former personal attorney Michael Cohen revealed his thoughts upon locking eyes with his ex-boss. Cohen was testifying on the stand at Trump’s $250 million New York civil fraud trial when the former president made his furious exit. Asked afterwards what he saw when he looked Trump in the eye, Cohen went in for the kill. “I saw a defeated man. I saw somebody that knows it’s the end of the Trump organization,” Cohen said, adding that he will not be intimidated by Trump. “He’s got the wrong guy to intimidate. As you’ve seen, I haven’t stopped for, I don’t know how many years now and I won’t stop until accountability is had.”

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