Mexico: Eight Chinese migrants found dead on beach

The bodies were found on a beach in Oaxaca state on Friday
The bodies were found on a beach in Oaxaca state on Friday [Reuters]

The bodies of eight Chinese nationals have been found on a beach in the Mexican state of Oaxaca after their boat capsized, officials say.

The bodies were found on Friday along a route used by illegal migrants trying to reach the United States.

The seven women and a man were on board a boat operated by a Mexican that set off from Chiapas state, on the border with Guatemala, on Thursday.

One other person survived. It was not clear what happened the boat's driver.

The prosecutor's office in Oaxaca said the bodies were found near a beach in the town of Playa Vicente.

It said it was investigating the cause of the accident and working with the Chinese embassy in Mexico to identify the victims.

The number of migrants attempting to enter the US from Mexico has been increasing in recent years.

More than 6.3 million migrants have entered the US illegally since 2021.

The number began to rise in 2018, largely driven by Central Americans fleeing a series of complex crises including gang violence, poverty, political repression and natural disasters.

Of migrants from outside the Americas, the greatest increase comes from China, with a growing number looking to escape a faltering economy and political repression at home.

More than 37,000 Chinese nationals were detained at the US-Mexico border last year, about 50 times the figure from two years ago.

Mexico's immigration facilities and shelters have been overwhelmed by the rising number of migrants.

The country's government has come under increased pressure from the US to fight the flow as illegal immigration takes centre stage in the upcoming US presidential election campaign.