Meraki is on a mission to create healthy and high-vibrational hair care

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When it comes to hair care, finding the right products can feel intimidating. But once in a while, a brand comes around that combines quality with sustainability, creating a product that’s both environmentally-friendly and functional. For consumers looking for a sustainable beauty brand that incorporates holistic values, Meraki (@merakiorganics_) is the perfect choice.

Meraki is a vegan, non-toxic, cruelty-free hair care brand that takes a holistic approach to beauty, infusing their products with gemstones as well as natural ingredients that ensure healthy, strong hair.

Amber Makupson, the founder of Meraki, explains that their products set out to nourish the “mind, body, soul and hair.” According to Makupson, the mission of the brand is to “combine hair care and wellness for an innovative experience.”

“Meraki” is a Greek term that means to “do something with love, soul and creativity, and to put the essence of yourself inside your work,” according to Makupson. This accurately describes the essence of the brand, which Makupson started after experiencing issues with the beauty products she was using.

“When I was pregnant with my daughter, I experienced really bad skin sensitivities,” Makupson tells In The Know. Makupson explains that she used an acne-clearing product that created second-degree burns on her face. At that point, she started making her own products for family and friends in her kitchen. From there, Meraki was born.

Some of the brand’s more popular products include their signature Quartz Conditioner, which is packed with nourishing nutrients, as well as their best-selling Amethyst Shampoo. The inclusion of amethyst “cleanses your energy field,” according to Makupson. “It’s an aura-cleansing experience.”

Through Meraki, Makupson wants to continue to be a positive force of nature within the beauty world. “We want to continue to innovate and elevate within the hair care sector,” she tells In The Know. “At the core, we want to drive inclusivity, self care, and healing through hair care.”

Moving forward, Meraki has exciting plans on the horizon. According to Makupson, there are around 6 new products that are scheduled to launch this year, as well as a brand-new men’s line and some exciting retail partnerships.

In the world of beauty, it’s refreshing to see innovative brands that push the boundaries in both functionality and sustainability!

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