Men film women fighting, forget to call cops

Two women fighting on the hood of a car. Photo: Supplied.

Video of an all-female brawl has shocked social media users and local police.

The fight took place at a petrol station in US city Detroit and is confronting viewing.

Police had no idea the fight took place until Fox Detroit shared a video of the fisticuffs.

Video of the fight starts with just two young women throwing punches at each other. More girls join the fight and start kicking and pulling hair.

As the women pair off into one-on-one skirmishes, men stand back and film the brawl with their phones.

One of those men told Fox 2 the women severely damaged his vehicle after they fought on its hood.

Detroit Police Department chief said the footage was extremely troubling and that gas station was a problem area.

“That’s a location where we’ve seen in excess of 90 calls over a three-month period. That’s a problem.”

He said the witnesses in this instance should have put their phones down and called police.

“What we want is stop, notify us so we can go and address the situation,” he said.

News break - May 30