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Men arrested after performing 'home surgery' in TikTok video

WARNING - DISTRESSING CONTENT: Two men have been arrested after a shocking TikTok video spread online allegedly showing them performing surgery on a dog.

The men, who are not qualified veterinarians, were filmed trying to perform an operation on a female French Bulldog that later led to its death, NBC News reported.

The video was filmed in the living room of a home in the US state of Florida as they attempted to give the pregnant pup a C-section.

In the roughly 45-second clip, two men and a woman can be seen holding the animal on a stainless steal table with large bottles of liquid, plastic sheets, various instruments and latex gloves nearby.

"Process of having babiesss," the caption reads on the TikTok video.

Dog surgery seen on TikTok.
Those involved in the home dog surgery have since been arrested by Florida police. Source: TikTok

One man, identified as Frankie Huertas Rivera, 33, can be seen turning the animal over to lay its back on the tabletop.

The unlicensed man was allegedly paid by the dog's owner, Larry Colon, who is also seen assisting the procedure in the video.

Later in the clip, the dog can be seen shaking and squirming in pain indicating that it was not adequately sedated during the unauthorised surgery.

According to the arrest affidavit, there were multiple juveniles present at the time of the incident and the vision was filmed by the teenager daughter of Colon, a local NBC affiliate reported.

The end of the video shows Rivera, who performed the surgery, wiping clean the newly born puppies. Two of them reportedly died.

Authorities were tipped off when the video was reported.
Authorities were tipped off when the video was reported. Source: TikTok

The mother bulldog was later taken to the vet, but was found to be dead on arrival.

After authorities were tipped off thanks to the viral video, Colon told investigators Rivera claimed he was a veterinarian and said he paid him $650 for the procedure.

He was arrested and faces charges of animal cruelty while Rivera also faces charges of animal cruelty and practising without a licence.

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