Melbourne trio fined $5000 after filming at McDonalds while breaking curfew

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Three Melbourne vloggers who filmed themselves going to McDonald’s at 2:30am on Sunday have handed themselves in and apologised for breaching stage four curfew.

The trio uploaded a video of themselves on Chinese social media showing them heading to the fast-food restaurant wearing dark clothes and masks.

In the five-minute long video they appear to pump each other up to leave the apartment.

A group of three people broke Melbourne curfew hours to get McDonald's at 2:30am on Sunday
Before the group leave they tell the camera McDonald's is a reward for heroic people. Source: ABC

“McDonald’s is a reward for the brave,” one of the group says to the camera.

Another asks “Who does late-night McDonald’s serve?”

“It serves us - the heroic people!” one person replies.

The students leave an apartment and head through back lanes, dodging police, as they make their way to McDonald’s near Elizabeth Street in the CBD, playing the James Bond theme.

Once the group get to McDonald’s they danced inside and attempted to order food.

McDonald’s confirmed to Yahoo News Australia that CCTV vision showed the trio were not served and left the fast-food chain empty handed.

“McDonald’s continues to follow all Government guidance and is only providing delivery service during the Melbourne curfew hours of 8pm – 5am.

The group dance at the McDonald's entrance while breaching coronavirus curfew restrictions in Melbourne.
The group filmed themselves dancing at the McDonald's entrance. Source: ABC

“The individuals left the premises empty handed and our footage has been shared with the police accordingly,” a McDonald’s spokesperson said.

Towards the end of the video the group doesn’t acknowledged they were not served food and appeared to celebrate breaching curfew.

"This is why Melbourne's restrictions are like a fart" the group announce once they are back in the apartment.

The video was widely shared on websites Weibo and WeChat before being removed but quickly gained views on Chinese-based social media.

“The Chinese are working hard to maintain a good image outside, but they are destroyed by these rat s**t, one person replied to the video.

“Don’t show off risking other people’s lives, even if you don’t care about your own safety,” another commented.

After receiving backlash from the Chinese community the trio issued an apology via ABC News and said they had given details to police who have since fined them $1,652 each for their breach.

“Our so-called ‘courage’ is very naive before the law. We were a group of shameful jokers, and ignorant people seeking attention.

“We accept all criticism, which is the punishment we deserve.

“We have shamed Chinese people in Melbourne, and caused extremely negative consequences for them,” they told the ABC.

Two of the group that broke curfew by heading to a Melbourne McDonald's at 2:30am.
Each member of the group was fined $1,652 for their curfew breach. Source: ABC

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