Melb students suspended for toilet trap

Benita Kolovos

Footage taken at a Melbourne girls' school showing a mob harassing two fellow students trapped in a toilet cubicle has led to numerous suspensions but has been misrepresented, the principal says.

The footage, which was live streamed on Facebook and viewed by AAP, shows a crowd of students cheering as a group of four shout and bang on a toilet cubicle in which two others are trapped.

Killester College principal Leanne Di Stefano said the two year 12 girls trapped in the cubicle will meet with teachers to discuss a social media feud which could have started the animosity.

"The other four students realised they were in the toilets and went to confront them," Ms Di Stefano said.

"Disappointingly, about 15 other year 12 girls decided to go to the toilets to watch, one of whom decided to live stream the incident."

In her statement posted on Facebook, the principal said reports of a 50-student mob are incorrect, and that she was disappointed by the small group of bystanders whose "behaviour contributed to the tension of the situation."

The response from the school community on social media is mixed.

"Thank you Leanne for clearing up the usual media sensationalism... (you) do an amazing job with our girls and I am very proud to be part of this school," parent Michelle Dingli wrote on Facebook.

But Shereen Patricia Jansz, a parent of four former students, took a different tack.

"Don't blame the media... the four students and the other 15 students who could have stopped it but choose not to."

A number of students have been suspended following the incident, but the school would not say how many.