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Melbourne shed advertised as three-bed rental: 'I'm speechless'

Described as 'sweatshop style accomodation', it's not the first backyard shed to gain the ire of Aussie renters this month.

There seems to be no end in sight for makeshift rental accommodations as they continue to sprout up across the country.

The rental crisis is biting in major cities with house hunters and current renters being met with daunting prospects such as untenable competition and eviction.

The issues facing renters has triggered a concerning trend of substandard spaces being spruced up and offered as accomodation. The latest apparent culprit appears to be a metal shed in Melbourne with the landlord claiming it offers enough space for three beds and has one bathroom.

The listing, which is believed to have been shared on Facebook, was priced at $350 per month, with pictures showing one open-plan "room" adorned with artificial turf.

Melbourne shed being offered to renters.
The Melbourne shed was listed on Facebook as rental accomodation and appears to be situated in another property's yard. It is unknown where the bathroom is located from the pictures. Source: Facebook / Don't Rent Me

A large mattress can be seen in one corner of the shed along with what appears to be a desk. The walls have no form of insulation and pieces of wood can be seen balancing in the rafters overhead.

The apparent listing was seized on by one disgusted Facebook user who shared screenshots to another group on social media where it triggered an onslaught of unimpressed comments.

'I'm speechless'

The man who spotted the listing and shared it to a group which warns prospective renters about subpar rental properties said he was left "speechless" by the advertisement which he described as "sweatshop style accommodation".

"These sheds will be a sauna in summer, freezing in winter and attract all sorts of vermin. People will get severely sick. This should never, ever be an acceptable substitute for housing," he wrote.

The pos set off a furious debate online, with some even defending the accomodation given the rental crisis. Source: Facebook
The pos set off a furious debate online, with some even defending the accomodation given the rental crisis. Source: Facebook

"Disgusting, the nerve this person has," one woman raged.

"I feel like this has to be someone actually genuinely joking?" another said.

While Yahoo News Australia could not immediately verify the listing, it's not the first time this month a landlord has gained unwanted attention for pushing a tin shed on desperate renters. Last week, Yahoo reported on a small shed which was being advertised as a "granny flat" in Sydney's southwest for a price tag of $1000 a month.

Council crack down on illegal accomodation

The 'granny flat' shed in Sydney was issued a notice of demolition after it was reported and ultimately labelled "unauthorised work", Campbelltown City Council told Yahoo last week.

All residential accomodation is required to comply with the National Construction Code which ensures the property's design meets set criteria as well as being approved by council before construction.

It is unclear whether the shed is still actively listed online, however, according to the comments it has also been reported to the local council.

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