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Melbourne police operation targets youth gang crime

Victoria Police have made a number of arrests after several agencies worked together in a targeted operation to combat youth gang activity.

Operation Alliance involved officers from multiple regions and specialist areas and focused on suburban areas of Melbourne including Croydon, Dandenong and Melton.

A total of 67 people were arrested over the course of the operation, which ran from March 5 to 9.

The majority of those arrested over their alleged links to street gangs were aged between 15 and 17.

A crackdown on bail conditions was a part of the operation, with 126 bail compliance checks competed over the five nights and less than 75 per cent of people found to be complying with those conditions.

More than 100 offences were detected by police over the operation including drug offences, robberies and car thefts.

Twelve people are still in custody, and 147 vehicle checks by police led to six cars being impounded.

Officers said a major pillar of the operation was door-knocking Victoria's most serious and violent youth offenders to check on bail conditions, with hopes to divert them from further offending.