Neighbourhood plagued by home invasion terror fights back with vigilante justice

A Melbourne father turned vigilante has taken to the streets to protect his crime plagued neighbourhood after a string of brazen home invasions.

Steve Archibald is an ex-army reservist but he’s not your usual crime fighter.

At a time of daring home invasions, where residents across the country are feeling less and less safe inside their own homes, Mr Archibald has a peaceful, albeit incredibly loud solution.

Unarmed, he patrols his suburban streets using nothing more than an air horn to alert those around him and scare off any potential burglars.

A Melbourne father has taken the rising level of crime into his own hands. Source: Sunrise
Mr Archibald believes his new system is a way to make those in his crime plagued neighbourhood to feel safer, when police can't be there. Source: Sunrise

He has also handed out the incredibly loud air horns to other neighbours so they too feel safer in and around their own homes.

“The air horn is for me something to be utilised if you are home alone and somebody comes into your house that this should be enough,” Mr Archibald told Sunrise.

“The pure sound of this and shock should be enough to break the initiative of somebody who is motivated (to break into) your home."

On a clear day they can be heard one and a half kilometres away - enough to stop an intruder in their tracks.

"As a tight-knit little group, we do feel definitely more secure knowing there is another option (in the event of an intruder)."

Steve Archibald has brought in a special weapon to stop the home invaders. Source: Sunrise