Melbourne gun club closed over 'gunshot'

Callum Godde and Kaitlyn Offer

There's no sign a bullet shot from a Melbourne gun club into a neighbouring go-karting club, police say, but the firing range will stay closed for another day.

Police have shut down the Port Melbourne range temporarily after receiving several reports of a gunshot in the area just after 12.30pm on Monday.

"There's no sign of a projectile in the go-kart centre," Inspector Justin Goldsmith told reporters on Tuesday.

However, because the report has been made it needs to be investigated, and the range will be closed on Wednesday too, Insp Goldsmith said.

"There were four witnesses at the go-kart centre who heard a bang and then heard the whistle of a shot passing over their heads," he said.

"Looking at the range and the set up, it would be very difficult to see that a round from a firearm could breach the range."

Three people were at the gun club at the time, and police have spoken to two of them.

Go Kart Club of Victoria President John Wall dismissed a media report a bullet was found on its grounds.

"I have no idea where this has come from," he told AAP on Tuesday.

Mr Wall said it would be "impossible" for a bullet to enter the track via the range, as it is protected by earthen barriers several metres high and he had never heard of a bullet straying from the adjacent range.