Emotional deputy principal returns to work after school haircut sacking

The deputy principal who was sacked from an elite Melbourne boys' school for cutting a student’s hair has been welcomed back at work with open arms.

Rohan Brown was stood down on March 8 for cutting a student’s hair on photo day at Trinity Grammar School in Kew.

He has been teaching at the school for nearly 30 years and his sacking caused outrage among the student body who protested his dismissal.

Mr Brown returned to work on Tuesday after he was cleared by an independent investigation and made an emotional apology, close to tears, for any disruption he caused the school.

Trinity Grammar's Rohan Brown returned to work on Tuesday after being sacked for cutting a student's hair. Source: 7 News

"There is an apology I need to make to the school community for the disruption that was caused last term, but I'm so pleased to be back, hopefully it'll make the school a stronger place and a more resilient place,” Mr Brown said.

The deputy principal also praised those who stood by him.

"The boys have been wonderful, the staff have been magnificent, and the parents and the school community have clearly been very strong in their determination,” Mr Brown said.

Mr Brown embraces a student as he returns to work. Source: 7 News

Parent Joanna Slater said the community fought for what they felt was right, adding the students were “unequivocal in their desire” to get Mr Brown back.

Another parent Roger McPherson said Mr Brown coming back to the school “had to be the result” for the sake of the community.

When Mr Brown was asked if he would be hanging up the scissors, he responded: "The answer is yes."