'We hope it brings you joy': Couple's 'thoughtful' letter to new owners of their old home

A Victorian couple have been commended for leaving a “beautiful” note for the new owners of their home. 

The heartwarming letter was posted to Facebook by their neighbour this week and quickly attracted hundreds of comments.

“My dear friends are moving to warmer climates for health reasons, an extra compilation on top of what we are all dealing with. But they have taken the time to pen this thoughtful note for the new owners of their home,” the Melbourne woman wrote alongside an image of the handwritten letter. 

In neat cursive writing, the couple welcome the new owners to their long-time home and detail their own happy memories. 

“Dear new owner,” the letter, dated April 28, begins.

“Welcome to your new home! This has been a place of joy and love for our family for the past 14 years. We have raised three children here and also had our grandchild live with us for a while. We had our Harry Potter obsessed daughter live in the cupboard under the stairs. There are a couple of well-loved cats buried in the garden (front, against the side fence under the Banksia roses).

The family, not the people pictured, had spent many happy years in the home. Source: Getty Images, stock image

“It was always our intention to do the house up, but life got in the way. So we lived with the green paint and floral curtains and eventually they felt like ours. We had family and friends over every Christmas Eve and had many great summer days laughing with friends over a BBQ in the backyard.

“We wish you many years of happiness in our half-finished home. We hope it brings you comfort and joy and a future filled with hugs, warmth and laughter.”

The letter touched hundreds of people online who said it was “beautiful”.

In neat cursive writing, the couple welcome the new owners to their long-time home and detail their own happy memories. Source: Facebook

“I feel like every house should come with its own ‘home log book’ like this,” one woman said.

“I love this and hope both families create new and happy memories as they move into their new properties,” another wrote. 

“How very thoughtful. I would be overjoyed to receive that note,” a third chimed in.

Some Facebook users shared their own stories.

“When we bought our house nearly 17 years ago we were given a framed calligraphy ‘letter’ that the original builder owners had left with the house,” one person said. 

A woman said the previous owner of her home had left her a “lovely note along with various appliance manuals” and tags for the types of trees they had planted in the yard.

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