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Melbourne Big W customer calls out 'greedy' shoppers: 'Despicable'

A Melbourne mum has vented her frustration with "greedy" customers nabbing massive markdown hauls at Big W.

Posting in a popular Facebook group, the shopper called out people who buy bulk Bonds products that have been heavily discounted at Big W, then resell them on social media for higher prices.

"I get we all like bargains. But can we not be so greedy?" she began the post.

The woman said she resides in the western suburbs of Melbourne and at two Big W stores in the area, she'd witnessed "people grabbing all of the clearance Bonds and then reselling it for $20-40".

Left: Dozens of Bonds zippys a shopper bought on sale at Big W. Right: Bonds zippys on sale at Big W
A Melbourne mum has called out shoppers who clear the shelves of Bonds sale items at Big W only to resell them online. Source: Facebook

Fights over sales rush

The woman described two "unacceptable and uncomfortable" instances at the different stores and claimed she almost had physical altercations with shoppers who snatched sale items from her hand.

"I get that's what some people have to do in these times but if you see a mum walking or just a person in general with a pram, can you not rush past them and then snatch from their hands when they go to pick something up?" she wrote.

"Nearly had a punch on. Twice. Totally unacceptable and very uncomfortable."

Left: Clearance rack of Bonds baby items at Big W. Right: Woman price-checking a Bonds jacket which is on sale for $7
The shopper shared her frustration online, describing two times she almost got into a physical fight with people who snatched items out of her hands. Source: Facebook

Fury over controversial Bonds hauls

The shopper's rant hit a nerve with fellow Big W customers, who were just as fired up over the incidents.

"Know how you feel," one woman sympathised. "Have also walked in and not been able to buy anything for my baby."

Another agreed that her local stores never have any stock because of the same in-store behaviour.

"Kinda sucks when all I needed was a couple and other people are just buying them to make money off of it," she wrote.

"All I've seen is the Bonds buy-swap-sell pages with people selling HUGE AMOUNTS of the clothing for heaps more," another mother commented.

'Disgraceful' behaviour not limited to Bonds products

Many slammed the behaviour as "disgraceful" and said it isn't restricted to Bonds products.

"It's not even Bonds, it's anything. It honestly makes me wild that people think it's ok to take 20 of an item and clear out the shelves if they have no actual use for it," one woman wrote.

Another shopper noted the same thing happens when limited edition Care Bears are released.

"...and then you see them on eBay," she said.

"People can be so disgusting sometimes," one mum wrote, while another commented, "god humanity can be despicable."

Shoppers entering Big W store
Fellow Big W customers claimed other popular items such as Care Bears are also targeted by bargain hunters looking to turn a profit. Source: AAP

Calls for product limits

The Melbourne mum's post has ignited calls for Big W to enforce limits on certain sales products.

"They really need to have limits, it's crazy," one shopper said.

In a statement to Yahoo News Australia, a spokesperson for Big W said product limits are enforced for essential items.

"We love providing our customers with great value options through our clearance events as we make way for new season ranges," their statement read.

"We currently put product limits in place for essential items when required and encourage customers to shop these clearance offers while stock lasts."

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