Audi owner's sheepish response after parking over two disabled spots

An Audi driver has been slammed after a photo showing the car parked over two handicapped spots outside of a Coles Express was shared online.

The image depicting the faux pax was shared on Reddit to ‘Not On My Smashed Avo’, which is described as a “subreddit for Melburnians and Melbourne enthusiasts”.

The Reddit user who posted the photo said the driver “sheepishly apologised” when confronted for obstructing the parking spots.

The photo was snapped at the service station on High Street in the suburb of Ashburton, where the social media user said they lived.

Viewers were quick to criticise the driver.

An Audi driver appears to have parked across two disabled parking spots outside a Melbourne service station. Source: Reddit, u/bird-oop

“It’d be so tempting to just park your car directly behind, wait till the driver comes out, and sheepishly apologise as you run in to spend 5 mins shopping in store,” one person said.

“Hit them with the ‘I’m only going to be a minute’ comment that I bet they use to justify it to themselves,” another added.

Others suggested the original poster should have brought it to local council’s attention instead of posting the image on social media.

Some councils have apps that allow for people to report incidents, one of which is Snap Send Solve, readers said.

“Snap Send Solve is the easy and efficient way to notify local councils, utilities or other authorities of issues that need addressing in your community,” the app promises.

The app is used by City of Boroondara council, which Ashburton is part of, and members of the public can report incidents through the ‘Contact Council’ e-form.

However, one person claimed the council has no jurisdiction because the car was parked on private property.

The car was parked outside a Coles Express in Melbourne. Source: Google Maps

Despite the claim, a Coles spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia the company cannot do anything about such incidents.

“While this is disappointing to see, Coles does not have the authority to issue fines or reprimand motorists who park illegally,” the spokesperson said.

“This is the responsibility of local council or police.”

Yahoo News Australia understands the council needs permission to go on to private property and issue fines to motorists.

The Reddit user who shared the photo said it didn’t seem worthwhile reporting it to the council.

“I suppose I could have called the council, but considering the driver was getting into their car to leave it seemed a little silly to waste everyone’s time,” they said.

“Social pressure is more effective here.”

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