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'Arsonists are not evil... they have every right to attack': Serial firebug's sickening videos

A serial Melbourne arsonist who created YouTube videos claiming society deserved to be attacked will spend more than 12 years in jail.

In the County Court of Victoria on Monday, Brendan Davies, 38, was jailed for five arson attacks in 2011 in which he targeted a police station, church building, presbytery, patisserie and a childcare centre.

"Arsonists are not evil," Davies said in one of the chilling videos. "They actually have every right to attack society."

Judge Gerard Mullally said the Rowville resident had committed more than 40 crimes since he was 18, including an arson attack on his mother and brothers' home in 2004.

Brendan Davies was jailed for five arson attacks in 2011. Source: 7 News
Brendan Davies was jailed for five arson attacks in 2011. Source: 7 News

Judge Mullally spoke about a website Davies had created in which the arsonist posted YouTube videos behind the so-called enlightened persona of "Seer Travis Trueman".

"The content of the website revealed you harboured a deep-seated and dangerous hatred for society," he said.

Judge Mullally said Davies had come to the belief he was one of "the few in our society" who knew the truth, claiming the family as an institution inherently causes harm to children.

"You refer to your philosophy as the hidden or forbidden truth," Judge Mullally said.

He said the five attacks were motivated by Davies' "deeply disturbed and dangerous mindset", with random arson attacks as a suitable tool of revenge on society.

In January 2011, Davies set fire to the Mount Waverley police station, which Judge Mullally said demonstrated "disdain for the justice system and a deep-seated hatred for police".

In March 2004, he poured petrol on his family's home in Mount Waverley, igniting the fuel and fleeing.

His mother and two brothers escaped through the back door, and Davies was later found with 28 firelighters, redhead matches and sparklers in his backpack, which he told police he needed for camping.

Davies, who suffers an autism spectrum disorder and post traumatic stress disorder, has never been employed but has been in receipt of a disability pension throughout his adulthood.

Judge Gerard Mullaly said Davies had a
Judge Gerard Mullaly said Davies had a

Judge Mullally denied his disabilities reduced his culpability.

"You knew precisely what you were doing by committing each of the arsons," he said.

"It was a deliberate and considered campaign."

Davies was jailed for 14 years and six months with a non-parole period of 12 years and three months.

He has already spent 1123 days in custody.

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