Mel B, 48, poses for lingerie shoot with lookalike daughter Phoenix, 24

Scary Spice's sultry shoot is a family affair

Iconic former Spice Girl, Melanie "Mel B" Brown, has starred in a sexy shoot, bringing together three generations of beauty and talent.

At 48 years old, Mel B is the picture of confidence as the face of renowned British swimwear and lingerie brand Pour Moi, but she's not doing it alone. Joining her in the series of untouched images for the 'Own Your Confidence' campaign are her striking doppelgänger daughter Phoenix Brown, aged 24, and her 65 year old mother, Andrea.

Mel B and daughter Phoenix for Pour Moi
Scary Spice, Mel B has stripped down in a saucy shoot with daughter Phoenix. Photo: Pour Moi

Together, these remarkable women are showcasing the brand's exquisite creations, proving that style and elegance transcend age and time.

For Phoenix, who has detailed overcoming body confidence issues, it was not an easy journey—but an important one. Bravely opening up about her personal struggles to MailOnline, she shared: "I feel like every girl goes through their own little problems while growing up and becoming a teenager. I've gone through being overweight or being insecure and all that stuff," she said.


"Doing shoots like this, or just seeing other people with their families and different body shapes and proportions, it gives you a different sense of view and it makes you a little bit more confident."

Mel B and daughter Phoenix in a photoshoot
Mel B has posed beside her daughter Phoenix in a stunning lingerie shoot. Photo: Pour Moi
Mel B, joined by her mother and daughter, stun in a sizzling bikini shoot
Mel B, joined by her mother and daughter, stun in a sizzling bikini shoot for Pour Moi. Photo: Pour Moi

In a display of solidarity, the campaign not only celebrates natural beauty by refraining from retouching, but it also extends its impact to uplift and support women. A donation to Women's Aid, an organisation dedicated to combating domestic violence, serves as a testament to this commitment, resonating deeply with Mel B, a passionate advocate for the cause.

The former America's Got Talent judge shared with Women's Health that this collaboration holds profound significance for her.

“For me, like many of the survivors, your power has just completely been taken off you,” she told the outlet, adding that she “was isolated from my family and friends.”

"That's why this shoot is particularly important to me to come together with my daughter or my mum and just show that unity.”

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