Mehajer wants expert evidence on 'tampered' images

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Salim Mehajer intends to appeal after a jury found him guilty of a string of domestic violence offences.

The notorious former Auburn deputy mayor was found guilty on Wednesday of charges including common assault, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, intimidation and choking.

The jury deliberated for five hours following a trial that stretched over three weeks.

Mehajer appeared in court for a sentencing hearing on Thursday, trying to secure bail while he appeals, which he said could take over a year.

Judge James Bennett said his sentence is likely to be longer than that, and he needed to prove exceptional circumstances if he wanted to be released.

Mehajer wants expert evidence from a former AFP officer an inmate put him in touch with.

Images shown to the jury were edited to add bruising and swelling, Mehajer said.

"I say the images provided by the complainant have been manipulated or tampered with," he said.

His matter was adjourned until Wednesday next week while he waits for the expert's report.

Mehajer told the NSW District Court his intention to appeal is yet to be filed but he has sent it off for filing.

He also pleaded guilty on Thursday to contravening an apprehended violence order, a rolled-up charge replacing five identical ones.

Mehajer asked his sisters to contact the woman and "soften her" into lifting the order, a condition of which was that he not contact her unless through a lawyer.

"He was saying all this stuff about loving u (sic) I felt sorry for him," one of Mehajer's sisters texted the woman.

Mehajer agreed to be interviewed upon his arrest at Silverwater Correctional Complex in January 2021, telling police he told his sister to contact the woman and that he would agree to the order if some conditions were modified.

"And also I want an AVO, because she could set me up and you know, rock up somewhere and I don't want to be in breach," Mehajer told police according to agreed facts filed with the court.

He had been served a provisional order days before he told his sister to contact the woman, but did not think it was in force until after it went to court, Mehajer told police.

He denied any other breach and denied the conditions of the order were read out and explained to him.

Police suggested to Mehajer that he himself read the order and one of the conditions was to not contact the woman.

"You're, you're trying to corner me now and I, respectfully, I've answered the question, so -- I, I just, I just don't want to be cornered into, into something that I'm, I don't, I'm not saying," Mehajer responded.

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