Meghan McCain Bashes 'Totalitarian' Trump And 'Inept' Jared Kushner On 'The View'

Mary Papenfuss

“View” co-host Meghan McCain tore into the Trump administration’s botched battle against COVID-19 on Monday, calling President Donald Trump “totalitarian” and his son-in-law and White House senior adviser, Jared Kushner,inept.”

McCain argued against co-host Sunny Hostin’s suggestion that the media stop covering the president’s daily COVID-19 press briefings. Hostin is concerned they’re peppered with inaccuracies and “dangerous,” particularly Trump’s relentless touting of the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19, which has yet to prove effective as a treatment and could pose serioushealth risks.

McCain said she wants the briefings aired to expose Trump’s flaws — and how “inept” Kushner is.

“I want to see front and center what he [Trump] is saying, no matter how ridiculous some of the press conference commentary ebbs into,” said McCain, speaking from her home as panelists comply with social distancing requirements.

She also warned that the American public needs to keep an eye on the “totalitarian” leader. 

“President Trump [has] always been a sort of totalitarian president in a way that we’ve never historically seen before,” said McCain. “My fear is that he’s going to play on the American public’s fears in a draconian way and possibly do something akin to the Patriot Act going forward where he uses this moment in time to play off our fears for his own benefit.”

It’s important to see “front and center what he and his team” are doing.  “I for one became even more fearful of what was happening when I saw how inept Jared Kushner was,” she added. “So, while he has a team of doctors like Dr. Fauci that we are all in agreement is doing a great job, my fear is that this is a moment in time that can be manipulated by our powers and the government in place.”

Kushner last week for the first time spoke at one of the president’s press briefings as an official member of the team responding to...

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