'Most inspiring human': Footage of Meghan Markle's sweet gesture to fan emerges

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Footage of Meghan Markle thrilling a fan in 2016 has emerged. Photo: Getty Images.

Old footage of Meghan Markle’s kind gesture to a fan has reemerged online, showing the then-34-year-old interrupting her own interview to surprise a young woman in the studio audience.

In the heartwarming clip, which was taken from the then-actor’s March 2016 appearance on BUILD Studios, a pre-Duchess Meghan discusses the benefits of social media with host Donna Freydkin.

Meghan - who was starring on the TV legal drama Suits at the time - called platforms like Instagram and Facebook a ‘great way to connect with people’ before shining the spotlight on then-high schooler Emily Sorrells.

“I only know [Emily] through Twitter and I knew she was coming because I saw it on social media,” Meghan explained to host Donna. 

“She’s going on a trip soon to Costa Rica to do some aid work because she said that my UN stuff inspired her,” she added.

To Emily’s delight, Meghan revealed that she’d wrote her a letter which she’d brought along to the taping.

After the interview wrapped up, the pair shared a warm hug and were photographed having a casual chat, with Meghan handing a large envelope to her young pal.

Meghan presents Emily with a personalised letter. Photo: Getty Images.

The ‘most inspiring human’

The newly resurfaced vision of the Duchess’s thoughtful act gained traction after it was shared by Twitter user @ddarveyy over the weekend, along with a pointed message.

“Don’t forget Meghan did this. This is the kind of person she is,” the caption read.

Emily herself took to the platform to reiterate @ddarveyy’s point, crediting Meghan as “the most genuine, passionate and caring human being who really had an impact on my life”.

“A video of me meeting Meghan Markle just went viral. Allow me to explain,” she wrote in the caption.

“She is genuinely the most inspiring human I’ve met. Through her social media & blog she taught me to be a more confident and passionate version of myself. The hate against her is garbage,” she added.

The clip has prompted an outpouring of praise for Meghan’s ‘beautiful soul’ online.

“She's the BEST,” wrote a fan on Twitter.

“Diana would have loved this woman wholeheartedly,” said another.

“If the Brits don’t appreciate her for the beautiful soul she is, they don’t deserve her,” argued one.

“She hasn't changed at all - she does this kind of thing on walkabouts. She is the most genuine, kindest, most gorgeous royal, inside and out,” another pointed out.

This is the moment Meghan Markle notices an old friend in the crowd in New Zealand. Photo: Twitter/@bellisariho

Meghan appears to have stayed true to her friendly, generous roots despite joining one of the most famous families in the world courtesy her 2018 marriage to Prince Harry.

During a walkabout on the couple’s tour of New Zealand, a pregnant Meghan stopped in her tracks after recognising a familiar face in the crowd.

The clearly shocked Duchess then dropped her husband’s hand to make her way over to a woman named Hannah, who she used to be friendly with via her now-defunct Instagram account.

“She said ‘thank you for getting in touch,’ and then she gave me a hug and said she would read my letter that I gave her,” Hannah told 1 NEWS about her encounter.

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